Making INDIA Awesome

The Answer to India’s problems is New state of mind ”
– Chetan Bhagat.

The most awaited novel of India’s famous wordsmith Mr. Chetan Bhagat is going to electrify The Indian Readers by 19 August 2015, In fact by tomorrow itself. Making India Awesome will be the second non-fictional book of the author, the first book “What young India Want’s” was the collection of Mr. Bhagat’s disquisition, essays where in the author study and suggests practical  solutions to the nation’s most frightening issues such as poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence, and illiteracy. Making India Awesome takes the initiative of author one step ahead.

Making INDIA Awesome

About the book

The crafter of book is versatile personality and had given so many speeches and had written many articles on the current issues that are being faced by India and the book includes the essays and speeches of the author. And besides, the issues like Corruption, expectation of average Indian and The make in India moment with the current business policy of government. Besides that the issues of minorities in our country is also mentioned in the literature.
And above all the author suggest to understand the and work them out. The book includes the solutions for the various problems according to the writer’s point of view. So what are you waiting for!! Get your copy on Deals-Coupons.

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