Making INDIA Awesome

The Answer to India’s problems is New state of mind ”
– Chetan Bhagat.

The most awaited novel of India’s famous wordsmith Mr. Chetan Bhagat is going to electrify The Indian Readers by 19 August 2015, In fact by tomorrow itself. Making India Awesome will be the second non-fictional book of the author, the first book “What young India Want’s” was the collection of Mr. Bhagat’s disquisition, essays where in the author study and suggests practical  solutions to the nation’s most frightening issues such as poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence, and illiteracy. Making India Awesome takes the initiative of author one step ahead.

Making INDIA Awesome
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B for Books That Can Easily Hook Anybody

Hey all there! Again I have come up with another interesting subject. You must have learned this: B for Ball, B for Bat but I want to take it to another edge, and that is B for Books.

Our country India is full of diversities and the same is reflected in case of the great Indian authors. They literally write the eclectic masterpieces, no matter whatever the subject line is! Be it superstitions, spirituality, religions, rituals, mysteries, myths or anything else, these authors weave their experience and imagination together to build an enchanting storyline and in this way, the zesty people like us get the stuff to satisfy our reading appetite. Following is the list of some mesmerizing fantastic books written by our own Indian authors that you should never miss. Let me begin with my favorite one that emphasizes on womanhood in a compelling way: Continue reading