14 Unique Ideas To Bake A Christmas Cake


“Keep calm. There’s nothing that a cake can’t solve!”

This is completely true! In my sweet dwelling, there is no situation that a piece of cake can’t solve. ;) I am loved by my family and so as the cake. It’s the darling of all my family members and I think in your home, the situation wouldn’t be different. Who, on the earth, would not love cake? Not only kids, but also grandpa and granny are fond of cakes. In the market today, broad variations of ready sprinklers and fondants are available which can be used after you shape and frost your baked cake. Even different shaped moulds are available for baking your cakes and cup cakes; order them online if not available in your local stores.

So on this Christmas, I am sharing some different shaped cakes that you can try at your home to make a unique version than the one that you always make. Let’s try something exclusive! Continue reading

How to enable Facebook Notifications from Deals-N-Coupons Fan Page?

Our Facebook fan’s are continuously facing problems for not receiving our daily hot deals in there news feeds. We are getting many emails daily for not getting hot offers we post on our Deals-N-Coupons Facebook page.

As Facebook is frequently changing the algorithm for how it delivers newsfeed we have thought to solve the problem for our Facebook fans and guide them to enable the notifications from Deals-N-Coupons Facebook page.

Follow the below steps to get our Daily Hot Deals in your Facebook Newsfeed:

  1. Log on to Facebook. You will find Deals-N-Coupons page on the left hand bar. Click on it or you can directly open the URL: Deals-N-Coupons Fan Page

Continue reading

Stand Tall with these 9 Do-It-Yourself Shoes

A boy or a girl, I am sure you fascinate to try new shoes. I also know that if you really want to show off your pals, you need to maintain high standards that cost too much. Isn’t it total madness to spend a thousand of bucks for purchasing shoes I mean really, I cannot buy a shoe pair worth 2000 or 3000 bucks! If you have similar thoughts as of mine, why don’t you try DIY? Kyunki… Being smart is the current trend! ;)

Let me show you, how?

1. Wrap & Paste:

Do you have any flip flops? If not, then purchase one, it doesn’t cost much! Take a satin lace of your favourite colour and wrap it up throughout the v-belts of your flip flops. If done, embellish with some pearls and stones of your old accessories. Continue reading