14 Unique Ideas To Bake A Christmas Cake


“Keep calm. There’s nothing that a cake can’t solve!”

This is completely true! In my sweet dwelling, there is no situation that a piece of cake can’t solve. ;) I am loved by my family and so as the cake. It’s the darling of all my family members and I think in your home, the situation wouldn’t be different. Who, on the earth, would not love cake? Not only kids, but also grandpa and granny are fond of cakes. In the market today, broad variations of ready sprinklers and fondants are available which can be used after you shape and frost your baked cake. Even different shaped moulds are available for baking your cakes and cup cakes; order them online if not available in your local stores.

So on this Christmas, I am sharing some different shaped cakes that you can try at your home to make a unique version than the one that you always make. Let’s try something exclusive! Continue reading

And the ‘Aam Ka Season’ has arrived…

Yummm…. Who on the earth would not love mangoes? As we all know, Mango is called KING of all the fruits and is almost fascinated by everyone.

And the ‘Aam Ka Season’ has arrived

Gujaratis, Marathis or Keralians, Mango and its recipes are enjoyed by everyone throughout the summer in India. Aam Ras, Aam Panna, Aam Papad, Aam Shake, etc. are some common recipes, but I am going to explore a complete ‘Aam Meal’ including more creative, ethnic and traditional recipes today. Please have a look! Continue reading

Introducing Brewing Beverages – For Your Tormenting Wedding!

Brewing Beverages

How succulent and luscious these drinks look?! I mean, seriously, I am too eager to taste each of them and satisfy my thirst asap!

As we all know, Indians are very foody and fascinated of consuming variety of food. Whatever is the ceremony, we can find an assortment of various tastes in an Indian traditional marriage. Sometimes I wonder when I would able to taste all these Indian recipes, never before I die, perhaps! From all these wedding traditions and trends, presenting the ‘Welcome Drinks’ to Baraatis, has become a fashion. There is an array of drinks for making your big day most memorable – starting from juicy fruit-punch to milky chai. If you would welcome your guests by offering them a lavish luscious drink garnished in stylish crystal clear crockery, they would just flatter down. Taste the season of wedding with me along with some refreshing in-trend beverages… Continue reading

Sweet Temptations on This Festive Season

Diw Sweets new

Diwali – The festival of thrill, fun & delight!

The festival stating full of emotions! Well in India, all through the year we wait for Diwali. And when we find it near to come, we all start our work of cleaning and decorating our homes, making sweets, snacks, shopping and what not? In this busy life today, people don’t have time to make sweets & snacks at home and they prefer buying from outside. But for health of your family, why not to make them at your home only! Continue reading