Top 6 Fashion Ideas to Buy from Indian Bridal Wear this Wedding Season.

Bridal fashion days give a chance to any or all soon-to-be brides to understand more about trendy choices for their trousseau in addition to wedding clothes. Whether it is choosing a dress-up costume for the pre-wedding functions or even the big day itself, there’s a great deal that lots of soon-to-be brides can steal from all of these shows.

designer wedding collection

designer wedding collection

Fusion gowns

Well, if you’re also searching for some practical ‘straight in the ramp’ bridal trends on your own, only then do we have something for you personally. An ideal option for your cocktail or reception party, fusion gown is really a beautiful combination of contemporary and kind of traditional design. Famous designer, Jyotsna Tiwari, displayed this charming outfit quite a bit within the recent bridal fashion shows. Apply for this kind of adorned or embroidered internet gown to resemble a diva on all of your wedding functions. And, make sure you pick something within this season’s hot colors, like almond color, orange, aqua blue, etc. Continue reading

Benefits of Sleeping Eye Mask

Benefits of Sleeping Eye Mask

Experts are of the opinion that a dark bedroom can contribute to better sleep. If natural light cannot be blocked from getting into a bedroom, individuals with sleep issues can use draperies. They have the excellent option called eye mask to block the light that disturbs their sleep.

Eye mask – The effective sleep solution:

If you do not take the right steps to get rid of sleeplessness, it can lead to many illnesses. If the presence of light around is the important reason for your sleeplessness, you can rely on an eye mask as the best remedy to get rid of the issue. An eye mask will also help with a power nap. Let us explore the benefits of a sleeping eye mask:

Blocking light:

One of the obvious benefits of an eye mask is the ability to block light that enters your eyes. Light and noise are the two biggest issues that prevent us from getting to sleep. Irrespective of whether it is natural light like moonlight or a light from the neighbouring house, it can be blocked by an eye mask.

Protection to the skin around your eyes:

Another crucial benefit associated with a sleep mask is that it can protect the skin around your eyes. In some instances, there are chances of damage to this part of your face when you sleep. This type of damage can be protected with a sleep mask.

Nowadays, gel-based sleep masks are available in the market. They will provide a cooling effect on your eyes and will help with getting rid of dark circles around your eyes.

Relieves sinus pain:

Individuals with chronic sinus congestion associated with a headache will find relief with the heat and pressure caused by an eye mask. When you use a gel-based eye mask, you can just place it in a bowl of hot water for some time before placing the eye mask on your eyes. The moist heat, when passed on to the painful areas of sinus, will relieve the pain.

If the sinus pain is aggravated because of warmth or wet weather, a cold eye mask prepared by placing the mask in cold water before placing on the eyes will help with relief.

Bring down swelling:

A cooling eye mask will also help with relieving puffiness underneath and around the eyes. You can find eye masks designed for this purpose in stores and it can be placed in the refrigerator before placing on the eyes. Some of these masks come with herbal fragrances like lavender, which will bring a relaxing feel.


Based on the fillings of the eye mask, it will bring different benefits to your eyes. For instance, you will find herb-filled cotton or silk mask, gel-filled plastic mask and many other varieties in the market. When you shop for an eye mask look for the filling used like cotton, herbs or any other filling for that matter and place your order accordingly.


An eye mask will cover the area around the eyes and in most cases it will extend to the temples and down to the cheeks. Based on the function, the mask may or may not have cut-outs to help you see through. Most of them come with some sort of fastening to make sure that it will be in place when you sleep.


8 Best Trolls on India Vs Pakistan Cricket To Make You Laugh!

When there is an India vs. Pakistan cricket match, a crazy number of audiences reach the match stadium to support their own countries – no matter whether it is played in Sydney or Mumbai. And the remaining people of both the countries enjoy this unavoidable match from home live. Almost in India and Pakistan, the roads are empty and peaceful on the day of Ind vs. Pak cricket match as nobody (including me) can miss the chance of watching this match starting from its match tossing to man of the match announcement.

india vs pakistan


For an instance, imagine that cricket is our religion, then the Ind-Pak cricket match would be not less than Diwali or us (of course, when we win). Continue reading

Exclusive Bajirao Mastani Ethnic Wear Ideas for Wedding Occasion!

Bollywood inspired clothings are always the first choice for women’s clothing to wear during wedding occasions. Deals-N-Coupons brings you royal and ravishing “Bajirao Mastani” ethni wear outfits, to make your wedding festival elegant and exclusive.

Choose your wedding dresses from below exclusive Bajirao Mastani Collection

beige lehengas with gold earrings Continue reading

Top 10 Eco Friendly Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year.

Check out these simple Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration ideas for home. These festive decor ideas are fresh and creative. Take your pick and start decorating your home for Ganesh Chaturthi.

1. Ganpati Decor with Bottles

Ganpati decoration idea

You can use mineral eater bottles to create a pretty makhar for Ganesh pooja. Add lights at the bottle to illuminate it.

2. Interesting Decoration Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati decoration idea

Make thermocol mouse and palki for Ganpatipooja. Continue reading

21 Best Valentine Day SMS For ‘Handsome HE’ And ‘Sexy SHE’

A True Relationship Is All About Sharing And Caring. In a romantic relationship, whatever the challenges and problems may come, whatever the arguments are there, but after all LOVE overcomes everything and hence, makes the bond stronger.

Sharing, gifting, chatting, dating and complementing are the significant elements to carry the everlasting romantic relationship between him and her. Valentine’s Day is a special day to express your love and gratitude for your someone special. So why not express your romance through the Valentine Day SMS text messages by complementing each other? Praising each other? Sharing the minute lovely moments? Today, we are sharing with you the best 21 tiny text bombs with you which you can send to your Handsome HE or Sexy SHE. Continue reading

Exclusive Jabong Coupons for September 2015

We have brought exclusive coupon codes for our Jabong fans. Huge discount coupons for Jabong ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 800 Off on your online shopping this month in September 2015. Grab the opportunity and shop for upcoming Festival Season.

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How to enable Facebook Notifications from Deals-N-Coupons Fan Page?

Our Facebook fan’s are continuously facing problems for not receiving our daily hot deals in there news feeds. We are getting many emails daily for not getting hot offers we post on our Deals-N-Coupons Facebook page.

As Facebook is frequently changing the algorithm for how it delivers newsfeed we have thought to solve the problem for our Facebook fans and guide them to enable the notifications from Deals-N-Coupons Facebook page.

Follow the below steps to get our Daily Hot Deals in your Facebook Newsfeed:

  1. Log on to Facebook. You will find Deals-N-Coupons page on the left hand bar. Click on it or you can directly open the URL: Deals-N-Coupons Fan Page

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