How To Keep Yourself Clean & Healthy This Monsoon?

The aroma of the wet mud, the green grass everywhere with coolness of water in monsoon makes our heart romantic. It also refreshes our memories with the old memories of jumping in water puddle and sailing paper boards. These are actually treasures of life that every monsoon brings to our life.

What actually is monsoon?

The term monsoon denotes rainy season. It is a seasonal shift in the pattern of weather that brings damp air and warm air from the sea over land. This, in turn, creates high amounts of rainfall for a longer period.

How To Keep Yourself Clean & Healthy This Monsoon?

How does the monsoon creates impact on the health?

The health challenges that the rainy season creates are generally created due to longer days of stagnated water. This, in turn, makes it easier for mosquitoes to breed. They potentially spread dengue and malaria fever. Due to the increase in the level and duration of stagnant water, there is an increase in the chances of food poisoning. This, in turn, can lead to gastro intestinal ailments and food poisoning. In addition, it also creates a lot of flu, colds, and coughs.

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Top 10 Health and Beauty Tips to stay gorgeous this Winter!

Hello December !

Winter is here and staying beautiful during the winter is an important as well as a difficult task to achieve. The list of problems can go on and on. Dry lips, chapped skins, acnes and pimples, hair being frizzy, dust allergies, they are practically endless. You need to be equipped against the adverse effects you will face, so we are here to help you get rid of dull and unattractive pelt.

winter online offers 2015

Check out Top Beauty Tips to uphold your beauty this Winter:


  • Take care of your body. Your skin needs pampering to the fullest, so we would suggest some good dose of moisturization. A nice oil massage ought to do the trick. A good oil massage prevents your skin from rashes and boils and similar problems. Any type of oil that will help your skin to be fresh and warm are welcome. You can find best offers on beauty products from Deals-N-Coupons, from Top Brands in our Health & Beauty section.
  • Use moisturizer suitable for your skin. There are varieties available now, different moisturizers for different seasons sub divided on skin type basis and so on. Choose wisely and use products suitable for your skin. We would suggest cream over lotion as lotion tends to get absorbed rather easily. Plenty of such products are available at attractive discount offers in Flipkart Offers, Jabong Offers, Snapdeal Offers, Amazon Offers, Purplle Beauty Offers, etc, health & beauty offers available only at Deals-N-Coupons.
  • Prefer lukewarm water, as it keeps your skin nourished and warm. Just because it’s chilly doesn’t mean you ought to use hot water. It helps in open pores and removes dirt from the skin.
  • Consume plenty of fluids, by fluids we mean water and roughage. Daily consumption of huge amount of water is necessary as your skin needs nourishment. It helps in removing impurities.
  • Try to eat healthy food throughout winter. As our body’s digestion procedure is relatively slower during this season it is important we intake easily digestible food and stay fit. Plenty of fruits and salads will help. Try avoiding too much of fast foods and junk stuff as this helps the skin
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  • Hair becoming fuzzy due to cold? Don’t worry, we have got the solution for you, visit Deals-N-Coupons for fantastic offers and ranges of Philips hair straightener, starting at Rs. 999.
  • Girls, go for dark shades this winter. Minimal use of accessories with smoky eyes is a red hot combination. You can get makeup products at huge discount at Flipkart, Jabong and Snapdeal whose daily offers are available at Deals-N-Coupons.

 So Stay Healthy, Stay Fit – Happy Winter :) !





Nail Parade – Flaunt Your Nails On Wedding Occasion!


A lady is helpless only when her nail paint is drying! ;)

Last week I visited a beauty salon in Ahmedabad with my cousin as she is heading for her wedding. I saw a lady there doing nail art and I was so amazed by her fluent art and creativeness. Actually, before this, I was not much aware of its techniques and types but after my visit, I started searching head-to-toe information about Nails and their art. As a part of which I am presenting here the different nail arts and which art would suit which occasion. Let’s begin! Continue reading

Be in That Perfect Shape, Again!

I know how tough it is to resist your cravings for favourite dishes! Wedding season is on the edge to end and also the summer, so it is obvious to put on a several kilograms around your body. :D

Be in That Perfect Shape, Again!

Don’t worry, even I am not behind of this, I have also put on 5-6 kilos around. How easily it is to put on a few Kilos but when it comes to reduce even a single Kilo?? It needs really hard and sweaty efforts, but not always! There are some simple workouts as well that you can easily perform at home. Continue reading

Rough, Dynamic, Bubbly Or Fizzy: Pick Any For Your Hair To Cajole Your Valentine Date

As we mentioned in our one of the previous blog uploads (21 Tiny Text Bombs For ‘Handsome HE’ and ‘Sexy SHE’), Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love and concern towards your partner by means of party, candle light dinner or in any other way of celebration. But there is no doubt that you are going to rock your date on Valentine’s Day. No matter whether you are a feminine partner or masculine, surely you would make all the possible efforts to look the BEST on this day before your someone special.Besides your outfit, accessories, make up and gifts, have you focused on how to comb your hair? A wow element should be there beginning from your head to toe and in that, your hairstyle contributes a lot. Your style of combing the hair would add a glam to your look. Because we are sure, on your special Valentine date, you would not just leave your hair curled or straight and simply combed or gelled hair for men. To help you look gorgeous and classy, we have come up with some masculine and feminine romantic hairstyles which with a little practice can turn to a fabulous one. Continue reading

5 Exceptional Accessories To Refurbish Yourself

Fashion has no boundaries! Whatever unusual one person picks up and if it is liked by people, it becomes new fashion! Generally for us, this trend is first accepted by Bollywood celebrities. Fashion accessories is one of the famous old trends, just the accessories have become more fashionable. No matter whether it’s a guy or a girl, the trend of fashion accessories has got on pace. But there are some unique accessories which you would surely like to try once. Let’s see what they are: Continue reading

Have You Tried These Healthy Cooking Oils?

Day by day in mobile phone market, the new mobile phones come up with the added new features either a better screen or camera resolution or faster performance. Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers across the world. It constantly comes up with the mobile phone series having wide and beautiful screens, efficient processors along with high resolution cameras and many more improved features. Continue reading