This Summer Holidays, Make Play Dough For Your Kiddies

Summer is already on head and as always, you, the mommies might have started thinking upon what you would make your kiddies do in holidays. If your kids are below 7 years, the mommies have to be very careful while choosing and deciding the holiday activities for your kids. You can think of many ideas, for example, paper art, craft, best out of waste or several do-it-yourself kind of stuff. But if you really want your chubbies learn while play, then the playing clay is right choice for you. You can do many things with the clay and with the help of it, you may teach your child many things as well. The tools to cut or shape it in different ways, are also available such as plastic knife, cutter and different shaped moulds.

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Wrap Up Your Christmas Surprise: Even Your Kids Can Do!

“A beautifully wrapped gift resembles your love and care for the one whom you present it.”

Do you want your gifts wrapped up in a creative way? But feel like you are all thumbs up when it actually comes to wrapping? Then read this post as I am going to illustrate 20 exceptional gift draping ideas that even your kids can try!

Christmas is the fest of enjoyment and during this time, everybody expresses their love and care for another, even I do! ;) So don’t be disappointed if you have bad experience with gift wrapping ever before. Just gather all the tools and material for the wrapping style that you have thought of, call your kids and get set go! Continue reading