Top 10 Travel Places for Diwali Vacation 2016!

Diwali vacation is the best bookmarked timing for the family vacation. But when it comes to family vacation you definitely need some personal space and peace but so do the rest 1.25 billion Indian wants. Now, In this case finding the less crowded places for vacation is like chewing the iron beans.

Here are 10 off-beat vacation spot and that also in the untouched lap of nature.

  1. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh – The lullaby of Mother Nature.

This is the place which is not much explored but still has so many surprises to give. There’s dozens of adventures that are hidden in Valley’s belly. If you like the Adventure sports, Trout fishing, Exploration of under-explored hill town than the Tirthan valley is the perfect package of excitement for you. So, Tirthan valley is the perfect Vacation destination Continue reading

Summer Shopping Guide and Vacation Offers!

This Summer Season Best Shopping and Vacation Offers With Deals-n-Coupons

summer shopping deals 2016

What do you think a summer season is? Hot, sweaty days where nobody wants to get out of the door? If your answer is yes, then we have brought something which will change your mindset absolutely. In fact, you will start loving the summer season after reading this Blog certainly. How? Have a look at this Blog: Continue reading

A for ‘Amdavad Bataavu, Chaalo…’

Now being a Gujju and that also a pakki Amdavadi, how can I resist myself writing about my own city? I love Ahmedabad, its beauty, its nature, its roads, cafes, hotels, lakes, museums, heritage sites, street food and everything, actually!

Located on the banks of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is the city of Ahmed Shah Baadshah. It has various tourist attractions. I am so desperate to take you through the ride across Ahmedabad, so let me begin. ;)

Adalaj Ni Vav (Step Well):

Adalaj Ni Vav (Step Well)
A five-storey step well, Adalaj Ni Vav was built by Rani Rudabai in 1499. The deities are carved in its walls and the ceiling openings allow the sunlight to enter in this octagonal well. Unlike other step wells of Gujarat, this is the only one which has three entrance stairs. The well is a stunning example of Indo-Islamic architecture. Continue reading

21 Adventurous Natural Sites in Incredible India

As summer is heading, you might be planning to spend your holidays at an exciting and happening place. India is incredibly bestowed with natural beauties, meadows, parks, forts, deserts, fascinating rivers, challenging terrains and adventurous sites. South, north, east or west, the country has abundant options to trigger our adrenaline.

Though it is difficult to enlist only 51 adventurous sites of India, I have picked some and tried to express its beauty:

21. Wildlife Safari in National Park, Nameri, Assam

This national park is home to many wildlife animals including Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Black Bear, Gaur and many more exotic species. The Nameri National Park is a paradise of rare birds and almost 600 types of flora. Continue reading

You Won’t Believe These Hotels Are In India

You might have heard about the best hotels of the entire world and India is also not behind in this race. Many of the Indian hotels are ranked in this list. Last week, I and my few coworkers went to Oberoi Udaivilas for a seminar at Udaipur and after inspired by its beauty, I couldn’t resist myself to let my readers know about such astonishing hotels of India which are just beyond your belief.

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur Continue reading

Spend Your Cozy Honeymoon In Ethnic India

hawaiian honeymoon cruises

“Marriages are made in Heaven”

Totally true! But either it’s a love marriage or an arranged, it’s very important for a couple to know each other deeply. Marriage is a journey of a man and a woman that passes through different phases and Honeymoon is one of them to understand each other deeply.

A new-wed couple, now-a-days, prefers to spend their honeymoon outside India but I would say India is incredible and so as her regions. Numerous places are there in India to visit once and feel its beauty and hence, today I am going to share some beautiful sites to enjoy your honeymoon. Continue reading