Shop printed leggings online and add them to your wardrobe for a cool look

Since the day it came into the fashion scene leggings soon became a favourite among fashion conscious people. The ease and the versatility offered by them is akin to no other wardrobe staple. You can wear them with almost everything be it tops, shirts or tunics. And perhaps that is the reason we all were too happy to trade off our constrictive jeans with leggings. While majority of people will opt for a solid black coloured legging as it can be easily paired with different wardrobe staples printed leggings are a great option to add some fun factor to your look. Shop the latest style using printed leggings online shopping and add them to your wardrobe to make a bold style statement. Have a look at the following tips and tricks and don’t be shy to add them to your look.

printed leggings online shopping

1. Keep it safe with simple design
If you are not very confident about wearing bold and bright printed leggings, start with simple ones featuring subtle details such as small polka dots, tie-dyed designs etc. You can also opt for the tried and tested animal print and add them to wear your collection to make a style statement. Animal prints are voguish and look good with tops and tunics.

2. Keep your upper half simple
The rule about wearing printed bottoms without looking like a slob is to keep your upper half simple. So if you are opting to wear a printed legging opt for simple and plain solid coloured tops to give a stylish appearance.

3. Choose the right footwear
Choosing the right pair of footwearis very important when wearing printed leggings. Go for heels and wedges as they will add an elongating effect to your leg and also make your leggings stand out. Also, keep the colour solid and opt for nude shades. You can also wear boots and ballet flats so long as they are simple and devoid of prints and embellishment so as not to clash with your leggings.

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4. Try print on print
Although this look is not so easy to master but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it. Experiment with different bottoms by adding a printed top to a printed legging. Keep the print of your upper wear subtle and try to avoid colour clashes.

5. Wear them with graphic tees
You can also wear your printed leggings with graphic tees and look cool and stylish. The look is casual and comfortable and great for a summer day.