Let’s Pour Some Shwas to Her Life on This International Women’s Day

Let’s Pour Some Shwas to Her Life on This International Women’s Day

“When you are serene, you’ll be called boring, when you are confident, you’ll be called proudy, when you are graceful, you’ll be called out of personality, when you are feminine, you’ll be called too girly and if you are going to climb a tree, you’ll definitely be called a tomboy!”

Above is nothing but the mentality of people around a woman. It is certainly difficult being and living as a woman. You need to face many contradictory situations like these. But a woman can do much more than this and apart from doing anything, she is the ONE who has given birth to your life. But unfortunately, this thing, the matter of woman’s importance is being erased in our society where males are still the ‘STRONGEST GENDER’. Even after performing her important duties as a daughter, sister, wife and mother; she is treated as a thing and not a human. Is this justified???

If you would take a look to entire globe, you’d be surprised that there are many villages where still a girl child is not acceptable. On the other hand, this is the same world where a woman becomes Sunita Williams, Indira Gandhi, Chanda Kochhar, Kiran Bedi and more. A woman can do everything that a man can do, actually far more than him but never a man can! But what makes sense is education. Still in many regions of the world, a girl child is not given birth and if fortunately she is born, she can just do the housekeeping. What a mentality!

Neither you, nor I alone can change this mentality. Executing the efforts together is the only thing what can be done by us to demolish such a mentality. As an initiative, our team of Deals-N-Coupons.in has decided to execute some CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity for the betterment of womanhood. We have planned to accomplish the “#MissionShwas”.

How Will We Execute?

As you all know, Deals-N-Coupons.in is the online portal offering coupon codes and discount deals for products of all the categories from reputed e-stores across India. When a person shops something from our website, we are paid a certain percent commission on that product and not the whole selling amount. Now team Deals-N-Coupons, today launches the campaign that would run till March 08, 2015 (International Women’s Day). We would keep a certain amount from each item sold till this Women’s Day, would sum up the whole amount and donate this amount to a renowned Non Profit Organization – SHWASfor the betterment of female kids over there.

About SHWAS:

“Shwas – Breathe Life Into” is an NGO working to nurture the underprivileged kids of Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad. It was started before 4 years to help kids with their curriculum, etiquettes, hygiene and possibly everything to accomplish their dreams plus recognition in the society.

How Can You Help?

Whether you are a woman or not, if you really respect a woman and care about her rights, then help us reach a BIG amount so that we can donate a good amount to SHWAS.

Guidelines for Helping Us in a Noble Cause:

  • Shop something
  • That’s it!

We would really appreciate if you can contribute a little even. Share this at your most and help us reach the BIG amount of donation.

Thanks for reading! :)

PS: #MissionShwas applies to shop from anywhere on the website.

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