Stand Tall with these 9 Do-It-Yourself Shoes

A boy or a girl, I am sure you fascinate to try new shoes. I also know that if you really want to show off your pals, you need to maintain high standards that cost too much. Isn’t it total madness to spend a thousand of bucks for purchasing shoes I mean really, I cannot buy a shoe pair worth 2000 or 3000 bucks! If you have similar thoughts as of mine, why don’t you try DIY? Kyunki… Being smart is the current trend! ;)

Let me show you, how?

1. Wrap & Paste:

Do you have any flip flops? If not, then purchase one, it doesn’t cost much! Take a satin lace of your favourite colour and wrap it up throughout the v-belts of your flip flops. If done, embellish with some pearls and stones of your old accessories.

Wrap & Paste
2. Just Wrap It Up:

If you do not have stones or pearls, don’t worry! Take a colourful scarf of thin fabric and wrap it up all around the flip flop belts. You don’t need to cut the unwrapped scarf ends, leave them open. You can tie them on your ankles as they would help you grip it well.

Just Wrap It Up
3. Long to Go:

Wrap it up this black lace all around your leg. You can use any colour of lace that matches your skin tone and shoe tint.

Long to Go
4. Crochet weaving:

If your slippers are not going to help you anymore, then use some woolen or cotton threads. Weave them with the slipper base and make crochet shoe. Repurpose and reuse!

Crochet weaving
5. News on the Feet:

Take magazines or colourful newspapers and cut the vibrant portions out. Gather them at one side. Now, take your old shoe and paste those cut pictures on the shoe. And it’s done! I can really destroy a few pages of my favourite magazine for this amazing DIY idea! J

News on the Feet
6. Button Gallery:

Do you have torn buttons of your shirts? Gather all of them and paste onto the surface of your old bellies or flat mates. Any size of buttons can do, so no worries! The more colourful will buttons, the more funky and vibrant shoes will look!

Button Gallery
7. Bow Down:

A bow can always do a miracle! A simple single bow can endow anything with a fabulous look! Use Velcro behind it to apply that bow to your shoes.

Bow Down
8. Denim Time:

If you are fed up of your old denim and want to get rid of it, then why don’t you try making shoes out of it? Here is a method. Follow the steps shown in the picture and have your own denim shoes. With fabric colours, you can also paint them as you want. Something never-thought-kinda, isn’t it?

Denim Time
9. Glit Glit Glittery:

Take a bottle of nice glue, a small paint brush, favourite dry glitter and of course a pair of your old shoes! :D Apply the glue equivalently on the surface of your old wedges, flat mates or any old shoes that you want to give a shiny makeover. Now slightly, precisely apply the glitter powder onto the surface evenly and let the shoes dry for some time. Get ready to sparkle. ;)

Glit Glit Glittery
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Come on, give it a try and share with me your experience of making the own DIY shoes, in the comments below. Thanks for reading! :)

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