21 Best Valentine Day SMS For ‘Handsome HE’ And ‘Sexy SHE’

A True Relationship Is All About Sharing And Caring. In a romantic relationship, whatever the challenges and problems may come, whatever the arguments are there, but after all LOVE overcomes everything and hence, makes the bond stronger.

Sharing, gifting, chatting, dating and complementing are the significant elements to carry the everlasting romantic relationship between him and her. Valentine’s Day is a special day to express your love and gratitude for your someone special. So why not express your romance through the Valentine Day SMS text messages by complementing each other? Praising each other? Sharing the minute lovely moments? Today, we are sharing with you the best 21 tiny text bombs with you which you can send to your Handsome HE or Sexy SHE.

21 Tiny Text Bombs For ‘Handsome HE’ And ‘Sexy SHE’

Valentine Day SMS For My Handsome

  1. You are the most handsome guy in the world.
  2. Still laughing about your last night comment! ;)
  3. You protect me, feeling blessed!
  4. FYI, I just love my man.
  5. Be mine forever and ever.
  6. Oh, I need to lose myself your hug.
  7. I was not alive until you came in my life.
  8. My physician says that I am lacking in Vitamin U.
  9. Spiderman, Superman, Batman- who are they? I know only my MAN.
  10. I would send you a blizzard if kisses were the snowflakes. :*
  11. You made my day, my love.
  12. Your care is melting my heart.
  13. All I need is just U.
  14. To be with you, I’ll wait till the eternity.
  15. Want to be in your hug, all the time.
  16. I would never let you go away from me.
  17. When you are with me, I feel I am the happiest person of the world.
  18. My happiness starts from YOU and ends on YOU.
  19. All the time, I am just thinking of you.
  20. My heart is with you. Keep it safe.
  21. Be with me, forever! XOXO!

Valentine Day SMS For My Gorgeous

  1. You are my cupcake!
  2. Hey beautiful, don’t forget to look awesome.
  3. Are you a camera? Because I smile every time I look at you.
  4. My favourite place is inside your heart.
  5. You’d be a Fine-apple if you were a tropical fruit!
  6. Would you please empty your pocket? I lost my heart!
  7. I would describe you ‘My Life’ in one word. J
  8. Don’t look so hot, it beats my heart faster.
  9. Why do you look this sexy? I can’t stop my mind!
  10. I wish I could rearrange the alphabets and put I & U together.
  11. Can you please direct me in a right way as I was lost in your eyes.
  12. I am nothing without you, baby.
  13. I cannot stop my brain thinking about YOU.
  14. I keep grinning throughout the day wondering about you!
  15. My life has never been such great, thanks gorgeous!
  16. Miss you babes, come home soon!
  17. My girl is my honour. Never leave me!
  18. You are all around me- in my sleep, in my thoughts, in my heart.
  19. I would love to be with you every morning!
  20. My darling is an angle of my happiness.
  21. When my hugs and kisses can work better, why to use words? ;)

Waiting for what? Just pick your phone up and start sending such tiny love bombs to flirt with your soulmate and express your love for your man or your girl. ;)

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Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!
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