Enjoy the Monsoon at your fullest…

Enjoy the Monsoon at your fullest...
Cool, green, fresh and romantic! Finally, Monsoon has come! Monsoon, in India, starts from the end of June and remains till October. Monsoon has many varieties in food and clothing. Everybody, even the not-so-foody-kind ones crazily crave for mouth-watering hot, spicy and tangy stuff!

But my dear pals, remember, there are a lot of things to keep in mind to enjoy this monsoon safely and happily! However, it’s hard to keep yourself healthy during Monsoon as many diseases are there to attack; proper intake of food can keep you remain fit and healthy without causing any health problem.

Fashion, of course plays a remarkable role in this season, as rain is everywhere! Yo boys! How would you all dress up in the monsoons? Alright, monsoon’s here and you don’t want to look all wet and sweaty, right? Then a comfortable pair of Denim pants and Flimsy T-shirts will do. Girls, some tips for you as well. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay clean. Wear the clothes which can save you from dirt and mud. At any case if you are not at home, you must make sure that you carry an umbrella or raincoat so that you can protect yourselves from rain and keep your nose safe from cold!

Enjoy the natural beauty of a cloudy sky and a cool breeze at your fullest! Considering all our beloved customers, DnC has brought to you the hot new deals.

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