Introducing the Diversified Indian Weddings

Wedding Collage

So excited about the wedding season which would soon commence in India! Every time I attend a wedding, it pours me an adorable sensation and all throughout the wedding it becomes difficult for me to shift my eyes from one thing to another.

Hundreds of reasons I can state why I love weddings, more particularly the Indian weddings. They are the bunch of mixed emotions and loads of shararatein. Beautiful Brides & Grooms, their eternal love, their costumes, wedding theme, decoration, traditions, dance & enjoyment, laziz food, flashes, clicks, joy, sorrow and much more to say!

Diversity is all about India and the traditions differ here as the religion and region varies. Though I have attended lots of Indian weddings, honestly speaking, I never got bored in any of them as each one was a distinct. I am sharing here how an Indian wedding differs from another Indian wedding:

Muslim Wedding:

Grace, decency and opulence are a few words that can wholly figure up a traditional Muslim Nikaah. Although the time evolves, beauty of Indian Muslim wedding upholds itself.

Istikhara, Iman Zamin, Mangni, Manjha and Mehendi are the pre-wedding customs that are performed before the Nikaah ceremony. On the day of Nikaah, Bride’s and groom’s families are seated separately and Nikaah is performed by the Maulvi (priest). Verses are read by Maulvi from the holy Quran and then during ijab-e-qubul ceremony, between bride and groom; groom’s side proposes bride and the bride’s side agrees to his proposal. Following it, the marriage contract – Nikaahnama is presented on which the signatures of bride, groom, walis (their fathers) and Maulvi, are taken and thus the Nikaah is rendered as complete.

Maharashtrian Wedding:

Maharashtrian marriage is possibly the simplest and the least luxurious in the whole India. Most of the wedding traditions are executed in the early morning. In spite of their simplicity, Marathi weddings are very graceful and beautiful. With great prominence laid on the customs and rituals, the marriage ceremony of the Marathis portrays a distinctive sense of sophistication and elegance. Like every other Indian wedding, this kind of wedding also promises the endless fun and amusement.

On the big wedding day, Lord Ganesha is worshipped at both – the Bride’s and the Groom’s places, so as to prevent the whole wedding ceremony from any hitch. At the venue, as the auspicious lagna muhurt rises, the bridegroom with his head covered in a cap with mundavalya tied to his forehead, stands on a carpet holding the garland. The purohit (priest) chants mangalashtaka while holding the antarpat. The bride then is accompanied to the mandapa by her maternal uncle and is guided to stand on another side of antarpat holding a garland. Then, the Varmala ceremony is performed which is followed by other Marathi rituals.

Punjabi Wedding:

Glitzy, gaudy and gaiety faultlessly portray a perfect Punjabi Wedding. Punjabis, by nature are too jolly and cheerful; they ooze a warm sensation that has been finely captured in many Yash Chopra’s romantic movies. One must get a chance to attend a Punjabi wedding – full too energetic and colorful! You’ll entirely immerse yourself in the beats of Punjabi Dhol. Their wedding intricacies differ a lot from any other Indian wedding, either in customs or the food. Punjabis are very fond of tasty masaaledaar food, where Paneer (Cottage cheese) along with chicken is their favorite.
Punjabis perform Roka, Mangani, Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies followed by the final big day. Whichever the ceremony it is, you will never feel uninterested in Punjabi wedding as everywhere loud noise; colors and flashes would be found. Ohh!! How can I forget to mention the Bhangrasignature folk dance?? Any Punjabi wedding is incomplete without Bhangra, it’s something that everybody would dance on their feet with its magical beats.

In Indian wedding, each and every tiniest thing has its own significance. In a nutshell, an Indian wedding is full of emotions, enjoyment and enthrallment. Apart from the above three, there are still uncountable religious weddings in India, each one performing different rituals. I will share them in the upcoming post, so stay tuned with Deals-N-Coupons!

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