Navratri – it’s still ON!!

Navratri - it’s still ON!!
Guys, Navratri has already started, hope you all are enjoying, specially the Garba-lovers!! Personally I just love this season. The time of joy, celebration, happiness, fun, masti and what not? I know you all are health and beauty conscious. Obviously you would like to look fresh and glamorous as well. So I have come up with some tips to keep in mind during Navratri Celebration.


Avoid having too much hot and oily food. Have lots of fresh fruits. You may also have the different fruit juices. Salad that includes fresh chopped vegetable and peanuts with the yogurt dressing is the best diet. This kind of stuff will give you lots of minerals and vitamins which the junk stale food cannot. This will keep you healthy and energetic along with bringing glow on your face.

Along with this, you also should take care not to stay hungry for a longer. That created acidity and if happens, you would not be able to play garba at your fullest. So keep taking some fresh stuff at every 3 to 4 hours.


Make up plays a great role in Navratri. However beautiful you are, a slightest of makeup is must! Not heavy, but a slight foundation, compact powder and kaajal is enough with a light shade lipstick! You may choose a shiny compact powder to have shimmer on your face.

Due to late night garba, you may have dark circles under your eyes or puffiness. Use a good brand under eye lotion. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed, however you are tired. Use some nice brand cleansing milk to apply onto your face with clean cotton.

Tie your hair in an up pony-tail. You can also take a simple bun or up-do. To look more decent, you may also use different colored hair extensions easily available in the stores. On online stores, you’ll find a wide variety.


Avoid wearing high heels for garba as you may feel pain after some time. And as far as Navratri is running, you wouldn’t like to stop playing garba obviously. Also avoid too much makeup, unnecessary makeup is not good for your skin as you’ll have lot perspiration while dancing. Avoid awaking for so long at night, it can spoil your health.

Keep all such tiny yet unavoidable things in your mind to enjoy tireless Navratri. Remember, use only branded cosmetics and for that you can use the hot everyday offers & coupons available on DealsNCoupons . Check through different stores and find some suitable stuff for yourself.

Happy Navratri… Enjoy at your fullest…. it’s still ON!!

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