This Navratri – Get Traditional with Deals!

This Navratri - Get Traditional with Deals!
If somebody asks me, I’ll say that I’m all set for this Navratri either talking about my Chaniya Choli or accessories: kada, necklace, maang tika, balaiya and of course, a pair of Dandiyas!! Actually since the last Navratri only I have been waiting for it. What about you, guys?

Worship of Goddess Durga aka Maa Ambaa during the nine nights is all we can say about Navratri’s religious importance. Basicallyit’s a Hindu festival and very much celebrated in Gujarat and surrounding regions in India. Goddess Durga is devoted to wipe out the demons within us. In Gujarat, especially, a clay pot symbolizes the garba filled with water, a betel nut, a silver coin and a coconut placed on the top of it, is placed. Men and women in vibrant and grand costumes whirl and dance around the pot. The folk dance form Garba is derived from this iconic clay pot only.

Garba is a performance of the expanded nine-day battle between goddess Durga and Mahisasur. In the ancient times, this dance was performed to instruct people about this mythological episode. Nevertheless, gradually Garba has turned out to a social event wherein people gather together to enjoy the festival at their most. Nowadays Garba and Dandiya Raas have become a source of amusement for all the girls and boys. People wear traditional dresses and hang out to celebrate this beautiful as well as musical festival.

Apart from its religious value, traditionally dressing up in Navratri is also that important. Right, girls and boys? Especially girls! Make up, accessories, hair style, chaniya choli and what not? Navratri is a festival of delight and pleasure. Everybody put on traditional outfits, colorful and bright ones! Gujarati women mostly prefer the traditional Chaniya Choli of energetic colors and vibrant embellishments. Some also wear lehenga sarees. Men wear traditional kediyu and dhoti. Kurtas embraced with dazzling mirror work are also famous.

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I am too excited, aren’t you??


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