World Photography Day

Say cheese!! Is the second most used word while taking photo?  Well, the first most used word is obviously “Are you ready??”  But did you know??  That the first commercially available 35mm film camera was developed only 90 years ago, the digital camera became popular just 20 years ago and 15 years ago, camera phones didn’t exist! But now, just look around you. There would be hardly a person on earth who never has posed against camera. Today’s generation is born with photographic skills, all they need is camera and some cookie (in case).

Photograph is a moment of time captured in the camera for life time. Photography bound us in every moment and though, we often don’t realize how impactful the image we capture is. It is simply the art of capturing the time.

Talking about photography and not mentioning the selfie would be like High-rise tower without lift. The current generation wants something different and the technology now days exactly dish out what they want.

And after all everybody wants to be self-dependent. And selfie makes you that by just one click with smile. But when it comes to think something unique in selfie it always left you with big duck face.

Are you tired of giving the same pose and style in front of camera!!

Tips for selfies.

1. Always grab the opportunity

The only photographer who knows what exactly you want to capture is you; you will never miss the perfect opportunities when it comes to capturing the moment. A wise man once said -
“When the whole world is against you, turn around and take selfie’’
now that is something I would say the perfect opportunity. And a live concert or show would be the best chance for something like that. Or else you actually have to stand against the whole world and that also for a selfie!!!!

Always grab the opportunity

2. Think out of your face.

Every time you take selfie it is your face that fit’s in but try something new, let just say take photo of your brand new shoes or your new watch or just the new nail art you made. Selfie could be anything which includes you or part of you. Because your face is to main stream, I mean for the photo otherwise it is you are the most unique creation of GOD!!!

Think out of your face

3. Do something interesting.

Ok ok ok !! We know you have a great smile and you brush your teeth regularly but that doesn’t mean you give all that big smile in all your selfie. Try something new, no one is going to jail you for doing something interesting in selfie, for an example let’s just take a selfie while you are in toilet!! Oh wait was kidding. But seriously something interesting is always the best selfie maker, like take selfie while you are tracking or selfie while you are seating on top of the building unless you don’t drop your phone from there.

Do something interesting

4. Take a full body shot from above

The full body selfie is the new trend that works now, no matter how short or thin you feel but the this way of selfie will always make you feel heighted and bit smart. And besides that it will capture your whole dressing style. The Big mirror is also an option for this and that will perfectly work instead.

Take a full body shot from above

5.  Use selfie stick

When it comes to selfie and you don’t have selfie stick is totally undigested, it’s like a cricketer don’t have the Bet. The selfie lover’s favorite gadget is selfie stick. It always gives you Big shot with wide angle visibility. And the best way to use selfie stick is for the Groupie, because all your friends are important. There  are so many options available for selfie sticks in online shopping and that also with great offers and all that offers are piled up on our special camera and accessories category strong>Deals-N-Coupons.

Use selfie stick

6.  Fill it with feelings

A photo with feeling is worth of hundred life stories that is explained in one frame. I know it sounds philosophical but who wants to see the poker faced selfie, make it alive by adding some emotions and then your selfie will speak for you. And you don’t have to be shy because the photographer is you only, so fill it with feelings, get angry , laugh like joker, cry like baby do whatever you want  but just don’t make Duck face.

Fill it with feelings

7.  Add Accessories

It is always the best idea to add something more in photo, and selfie is the best way to show off your new style. Accessories will always make your selfie catchy and attractive and this is the best idea to be the center of attraction. And what if you can be center of attraction in discounted prices!!! Deals-N-Coupons.

Add Accessories

8. Extend your neck forward 

Those selfie lover with the healthy body always have the problem of double chin while taking the selfie, well that’s not an problem any more You just have to extend your neck forward while taking selfie that will give a slim and delicate look to your selfie and draw a mast smile on your face.

Extend your neck forward

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