Be in That Perfect Shape, Again!

I know how tough it is to resist your cravings for favourite dishes! Wedding season is on the edge to end and also the summer, so it is obvious to put on a several kilograms around your body. :D

Be in That Perfect Shape, Again!

Don’t worry, even I am not behind of this, I have also put on 5-6 kilos around. How easily it is to put on a few Kilos but when it comes to reduce even a single Kilo?? It needs really hard and sweaty efforts, but not always! There are some simple workouts as well that you can easily perform at home.

Fat mostly stocks around our tummy, upper arms and hips. So this time, I am going show you some easy work outs and some diet tips that you can follow. No much effort, no worries! Let’s start with some simple workouts:

Jumping Rope:

Jumping Rope
Especially for your arms, this is a very simple workout yet burns a bunch of calories. This exercise strengthens your bones and tones up your upper body. You can try some other steps also with this skipping rope such as reverse, bicycle with right and left leg one by one, etc.


Do you have a swimming pool at your sweet home? Great. Simply try practicing swimming for 20-30 minutes every day at any time. To swim is one of the best fitness tips. Along with losing body weight, it also helps you get rid in heart problems.


Try to do aerobic exercise thrice or twice a week. Choose your favourite tunes and some easy aerobics dance moves. That is it! Do it for just 30 to 45 minutes and see the results.

Climb Stairs:

Climb Stairs
Climbing the stairs is the best workout for getting rid of the fat stocked around thighs and hips. Walking a step slowly up and down is also another version of this exercise. Brisk walk is also a good one but this can be its replacement.

Dance Crazily:

Dance Crazily
This is the easiest yet fun way to burn your calories and have some Kilos reduced in no time. Tune on your most loved music and start dancing on its beats. No matter whether you are a dance amateur or a pro – just keep dancing and just dancing! You would not feel tired even as it is along with the music that you like the most.


This one is quite difficult but gives fast results. Perform a specific number of crunches daily to lessen your round tummy. Start with a number of 5 and increase it by 2 every week.

Shape up:

Shape up
Try some easy steps like this for shaping up your butts. These are really very simple so keep calm and start performing!

Other than above exercises, consider following some simple but important diet tips to have reduced weight:

  • Avoid junk food
  • Don’t miss your sleep
  • Don’t have much spicy food
  • Include sprouts in your lunch
  • Avoid sugar as much as you can
  • Try to be in positive environment
  • Feed yourself at every 3 or 4 hours
  • Avoid dumping lots of calories in one go
  • Drink much water, even if you are not thirsty
  • Have juicy fruits and their juices in your dinner

It is really not bad to be overweight or put on some excess fat. But it is important to keep doing some exercise and watching your diet routine. Prctice some easy workouts as are shown above, keep in mind some tips and be positive. You’ll surely be in that perfect shape, again! :)

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