Rough, Dynamic, Bubbly Or Fizzy: Pick Any For Your Hair To Cajole Your Valentine Date

As we mentioned in our one of the previous blog uploads (21 Tiny Text Bombs For ‘Handsome HE’ and ‘Sexy SHE’), Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love and concern towards your partner by means of party, candle light dinner or in any other way of celebration. But there is no doubt that you are going to rock your date on Valentine’s Day. No matter whether you are a feminine partner or masculine, surely you would make all the possible efforts to look the BEST on this day before your someone special.Besides your outfit, accessories, make up and gifts, have you focused on how to comb your hair? A wow element should be there beginning from your head to toe and in that, your hairstyle contributes a lot. Your style of combing the hair would add a glam to your look. Because we are sure, on your special Valentine date, you would not just leave your hair curled or straight and simply combed or gelled hair for men. To help you look gorgeous and classy, we have come up with some masculine and feminine romantic hairstyles which with a little practice can turn to a fabulous one.

If yours is the wavy hair, you do not need to worry anymore because we have brought this hairstyle for you. Your chubby would adore your this look. ;)


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This hairstyle would give you a sexy blonde look. For getting this hairstyle, your barber can help you much. Go to your salon, show this picture to him and tell him to turn exactly the same hairstyle. We assure you that your this hairstyle would rock your date.


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The way you comb your hair means your hairstyle says everything about your personality. This style is one of the soothing styles and would not need much efforts or time to get it done from a salon. Boy, you can easily get this style by just swiping all your hair on either side.


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Forget your comb away and just mess up your hair like this. This is the messy fringe for a cool and fun look. It would appear classy and relaxed that would suit more on a denim and casual t-shirt.


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Not only for women but also for man these days, long hair is the in-trend style. Go for this long hairstyle if your hair is thick and long at least of neck length. Leave your hair uncombed and let them set on your neckline.


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Well, this is not it! We have also a range of classy hairstyles for beautiful ladies as well. So keep reading ahead!


The small pouf of your hair can give a subtle glamour dose to your look. This Hilary Duff style look suits perfect on your any outfit and in any occasion. Combing the hair upward shows off the most seductive features of a lady. From behind, you can do an up-do or also a ponytail can do!


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If you are planning to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in Latin manner, then this French bun would be perfect for you. On a floor-length gown or evening dress, this hairstyle would look elegant yet stylish. Practice well from this step-by-step image below and get it done perfectly:


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Want this elegant style to be done? No much effort! This is very easy just as your everyday ponytail. Tie your hair loose with a band and then twist the whole pony from the hole. That is all! A very easy hairstyle which looks stylish plus can be done in no time.


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Curls and ringlets have always been the all-time favourite choice of the ladies. And of course, for your romantic date, this easy tight ringlet style curls would pour bubbliness to your look. This hairstyle would guaranteed help you empower your confidence. All you need for this hairstyle is just a curling wand and a good branded heat protectant.


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Apart from all the above hairstyles, a single stick in your hair always looks pretty. Buns, French twists or half ponytails – there are many styles which you can easily give a try with this stick. A few are depicted in this video below:

Try different styling products, tools and different textures to play with your hair. After your each effort, you would get a new style. 

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