This summer, Have These 7 Sweat Proof Cosmetics to Prevent a Bizarre

This summer, Have These 7 Sweat Proof Cosmetics to Prevent a Bizarre

“It’s summer. You have dressed fabulously and applied the make up all over your face; you look flawless and all set to leave for a party. After some time, most of the people at the party, see you, make a bad face and stare you all because of your smudged make up & stained face.”

Has this happened to you? Bingo! Being a feminine, you would always want to look gorgeous and flawless as our Bollywood celebs. So read ahead as I have something to show you that would protect you from such a bizarre.

Your need is the cosmetics that do not spoil your face on sweating, means the sweat proof and water proof cosmetics. Especially in summer, this becomes a necessity of almost all the ladies. Let’s check out some important cosmetic products which can prevent a bizarre!

#1 Water Proof Concealer:

Concealer is the savior to cover serious dark circles and blemishes. But in hot summer days, it is quite tough to last it on your face for a longer. Plus, the wrong concealer can get splash or spoiled.

This is the stick sweat proof concealer from a renowned brand Meilinwhich will give you medium to full coverage. You can apply it even during the summer and would not get spoiled even if you sweat.

Water Proof Concealer
#2 Under Eye Water Proof Concealer:

This is the another Water proof concealer to use in the scorching sunny days. This under eye concealer would give you the full coverage to under eye dark circles before you go for your make up. This is one of the best under eye Water proof concealers; however you can purchase it online from Snapdeal or any other e-store.

Under Eye Water Proof Concealer

#3 Water Proof Lipstick & Liner:

For any party or occasion, lipstick is a must-have in the makeup. Either light shade or a vibrant shade, being a woman, I am sure you would always apply it to your lips. Below is the combo of waterproof lipstick and a liner from Cameleon. It is available at a very affordable range.

Water Proof Lipstick & Liner

#4 Another Water Proof Lip Color:

This is another water proof lip colour from Miss Clarie that will give you the long-lasting result along with sexy shine and gloss.

Another Water Proof Lip Color

#5 Water Proof Gel Eyeliner:

Eyeliner has its own importance for a perfect look. It adds a gracefulness and boldness to a woman’s look. The below smudge-free and Water proof gel eyeliner is from Loreal Paris. Due to its high precision applicator brush, you can apply the eye liner very precisely and accurately. Also, it will dry quickly so you do not need to sit under a fan or blower by keeping your eyes closed to dry your liner. This gel liner is totally Water proof and tear-proof. So now, you can cry without bothering about your eye liner getting smudged. ;)

Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

#6 Another Tear Proof Eyeliner:

This one is another favourite eyeliner of mine from Meylon Paris endowing the purple shade to your eyes. It looks awesome on wearing and even the best especially for night parties.

Another Tear Proof Eyeliner

#7 Hyper Curl Water Proof Mascara:

The last, but not the least is this Hyper Curl mascara from Maybelline New York. After you are done with your make up, give your face a final touch by beautifying your eyelashes with this water proof mascara.

Hyper Curl Water Proof Mascara

If you really want to look awesome and prevent the bizarre with non water proof and sweat proof cosmetics, must purchase these cosmetics online. Avail the discounts on cosmetics and beautifying products at Do share with us your feedbacks, in the comments below. Also, visit our exclusive Deal Of The Day :)

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