16 Wall Decals that will add an Oomph Factor to your Dwelling

Kitchen or garden, bedroom or bathroom – each and every corner of our dwelling has an equal importance in structuring a well-groomed classy home. To decorate a dwelling can be one’s passion or love to endow home with a unique essence.

If talking about me, I always look for any new idea to decorate my dwelling anyhow. I keep Google-ing, Pinterest-ing, WeHeartIt-ing, crazily searching in magazines & newspapers and anything that I can do for exploring fresh ideas to decorate my house.

About a month ago, I visited my friend’s home and found a wall decal of cute lush garden on his backyard wall. I was so pleased to see that design. It was not such that I had never seen such wall stickers, but this was really different. On the next day, I set myself in front of my laptop and started surfing several websites on web for discovering some more such astonishing wall decals. And I could not resist myself to share with you some master stickers I found. Here I am going unwrapping all along with the links from where you can purchase them online:

1: Jungle Diaries

Imagine how you would feel if you’d reside in a jungle in your own tree dwelling! It would really feel captivating, wouldn’t it?

Jungle Diaries

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pKR

2: What a Thought!

How would you hang your bath towel without nailing the bathroom wall? This fisherman is here to hold it for you!

What a Thought!

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pKU

3: Spirituality at Its Best

This creative wall decal of Lord Rama would best suit to the temple room wall. The excellent spiritual wall decal I have ever seen!

Spirituality at Its Best

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pKV

4: Urban Window Decal

Give a fresh urban look to your room with this urban window wall sticker landscaping flying birds and buildings.

Urban Window Decal

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pKY

5: Tribal Touch

Witness and enjoy tribal dance at your home. This wall decal is too simple yet very artistic.

Tribal Touch

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pK1

6: The Music Mind

Music soothes the brain and heals all the worries of your entire day. You can have this wall decal in your rock room where you have placed drum, guitar and more.

The Music Mind

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pK8

7: Aromatic as Ever

Yummmm… How tempting it smells! Use this wall decal for your dining area or kitchen wall.

Aromatic as Ever

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pK9

8: Way to Warli

With this contemporary tribal art decal, you can easily get many compliments about your extraordinary furnishing sense.

Way to Warli

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLd

9: Religious Touch

This modern enigmatic wall decal of Shreenath Ji will perfectly match to your trendy artistic home décor. No need to purchase heavy weighted wall pieces of Gods and Goddesses, now. Instead, you can have such stickers from the online stores.

Religious Touch

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLe

10: Sparrows Holding Tiny Tree Branch

A beautiful pair of sparrows!

Sparrows Holding Tiny Tree Branch

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLg

11: Visit New York in Your dreams

Statue of Liberty or other high-rise buildings, now you can explore the whole New York in your bedroom itself. You do not need to fly to United States, just purchase this black wall sticker and paste it on your bedroom wall.

Visit New York in Your dreams

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLh

12: Sexy & Stylish

Oh girl, this charming wall sticker of four different shades of a sexy lady would add an extra charm to your room. Paste this sticker onto the wall just behind your Cinderella bed.

Sexy & Stylish

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLj

13: Bathroom Affair

If you want to add an oomph factor to your neat bathroom, this swim girl sticker would certainly enhance the look of it.

Bathroom Affair

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLn

14: Bubble Time Wall Decal

Perfecto for your big bathroom wall!

Bubble Time Wall Decal

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLq

15: Tranquil Bells

Beautiful moments make beautiful memories! The pleasing serene bells…

Tranquil Bells

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLr

16: Princess Diaries

This one is a 3 dimensional mirror wall sticker depicting an angle with wand and her palace. Your little princess would adore it. Paste it to her cupboard or her room wall.

Princess Diaries

Purchase Link: http://clnk.in/pLs

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