Apple’s new wireless headphones aren’t for the iPhone 7. They are for Siri

With the release of iPhone 7, Apple made it clear for its users that it won’t be having headphone jacks in further models. The time honored headphone jacks are now fading out in this wireless technology era. Apple has removed its headphone jack from iPhone 7 and it has now got into this wireless era along with its own player, the air pods.

These are not the first wireless air pods available in market, but yes these are totally a new breed of wireless earbuds.

wireless headphones

Wondering what’s the difference between ear pods and air pods? One must consider air pods as the ear pods whose cables have been chopped off and given a fancier dimension to it. Apple has taken a huge risk when it comes to the designing of air pods, they have given it a design which will either be liked or hated no midway.

Coming to the comfortness and fit of these air pods, fit is fine in fact very fine but you’ll feel it hurting your ear after about an hour. Air pods will fit your ear so well that it won’t fell off even though you shake your head as hard as you can and it won’t come out of your ear too.

Sound quality is commendable, they surely sound far better than the ear pods. Setting up the air pods are not a tricky thing to do, it is user friendly. One thing which was felt missing in the air pods were the control keys. Once you put the air pods into your lugholes then only thing you can control from the air pods is by double tapping either playing or pausing the music, it depends on your default settings of the phone. The volume up and volume down key was missed in the air pods. When you take even one or both of the air pods from your ear then music will automatically be paused itself and will resume back as soon as youput it back into your ear.

wireless headphones

Connectivity of these air pods are good with iOS devices be it iPhone, iPods or Mac. When you’ll be connecting it to apple device it will ask you for connecting or not after that each time it will automatically get connected. When connecting to non-Apple devices you’ll face certain issues, most of the other Bluetooth devices available in the market facilitates one touch Bluetooth connection, where on the other hand Apple’s air pods does not supports one touch set up. Non-Apple devices faces stability issues with the air pods, it does not runs as smooth as it does on Apple devices. In non-Apple devices when you take off the air pods the songs don’t get paused automatically as it does when paired with Apple device.

Air pods are tiny and are very easy to lose, it comes with a case which charges them and keeps the pods safe. The battery backup of this device is satisfactory, when full charged it lasts around 24 hours. One thing we found missing in its charging case is that it has no indicator. You will not get to know when it’s full charged or charging or not, it has LED which flashes when ran out of battery.

Apple AirPods will cost you from Rs. 24,000 to 26,000 which is way too high. But for a totally different experience of sound and battery life one can go for it. Although there are various more Bluetooth devices available in the market which will cost you not even half of it and will work as fine as it does.

Apple’s W1 chip performs what it states up to some extent and most importantly it has very good battery life. Case of the air pods are very fine and its design too. Connectivity of air pods with Apple devices are rock solid along with great sound quality. But when connected with non-Apple devices the connectivity is very poor and always requires an internet connection.

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