Samsung Galaxy Alpha – The Prettiest Selfie Phone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha - The Prettiest Selfie Phone
Day by day in mobile phone market, the new mobile phones come up with the added new features either a better screen or camera resolution or faster performance. Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers across the world. It constantly comes up with the mobile phone series having wide and beautiful screens, efficient processors along with high resolution cameras and many more improved features.

To compete with Apple iPhone series in the mobile phone market place, this time Samsung has once again come up with the new feature and that is a high resolution front camera, and it is Galaxy Alpha! With the latest ‘Selfie-trend’, Samsung has launched a Selfie Phone this time, a Super Smart Galaxy Phone!

12MP of rear camera and 2.1MP on the front is really an improvement. The clarity and sharpness of the pictures taken by Galaxy Alpha camera are awesome. You would love to click more and more pictures and selfies this time, of course! All the shooting modes including Dual Camera, HDR, Panorama, Beauty Face and many more are featurised in this phone. 4K video can also be shot which later on can be played on your any compatible television. You can also have a camera shortcut straight on the lock screen itself.

Unlike all other Galaxy phones, in Galaxy Alpha, the metal is for the first time introduced by Samsung, however not the full body is metalized. Aluminum band is used in its design with the chamfered edges wrapped around the case. The phone is wafer slim, super slim really! It feels wow in the hands.

On the other hand, Premium look of Galaxy Alpha doesn’t satisfy at all as it has put 720p screen in the phone and that is really a disappointment. 4.7 inch super screen with a resolution of 1280X720 is comparatively lower than iPhone 5S by Apple.

But when it’s about the performance of Samsung Galaxy Alpha, it is really appreciable. There is a 2.5GHz Quad-core processor due to which, the switching between two apps and screen swipe is really easy and quick. Also 2GB of RAM is a good feature in the phone.

Feature wise Alpha is the same as Galaxy S5, yet the key drawback is on board 32 GB storage as there is no MicroSD slot to insert. So no expandable memory! Also it is not the water resistant. It costs almost as much as the Samsung Galaxy S5. Of course Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha is the prettiest wow phone, but it would be better if they would have made it whole metal.

So go to DealsNCoupons and find a coupon or a deal for Samsung Galaxy Alpha and buy one for you. It’s a good phone to even gift somebody, keeping in mind the cost! ;)

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