Top 5 Smart Phones for College Students

Top 5 Smart Phones for College Students

College students always wish to keep themselves updated not just with the latest fashion. Yes, with the technological development these days, most college students are tech savvies. So, they wish to keep themselves updated with the latest set of smartphone. Also, they look for the best smartphones deals that will help them with their campus life to a great extent. Here are the top 5 smart phones for college students:

1. Samsung Galaxy S5:

Samsung phones are generally known for the best screen quality and colors. Samsung Galaxy family is no exception to this rule. Galaxy S5 can be the excellent choice for students to take notes as the phone comes with a huge screen of 5.1 inches. Also, they can view the images related to their projects with ease as the screen is HD.

Samsung Galaxy S5

With the 16-megapixel camera, it will be possible for students to get high-quality pictures to post on their social media accounts.

2. Micromax A116 Canvas HD:

This is a solid phone from Micromax as it comes with certain enhanced features and most importantly the gesture control features will be of great help to students. The true HD display of the phone will help students with their college works.

HTC Desire 620G

It was introduced on the 14th of February 2013 to mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Still, this phone continues to be the hot favorite for students. The connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Micro USB 2.0 and Bluetooth makes this phone useful for students to easily connect to their college Wi-Fi.

3. HTC Desire 620G:

The name of the phone itself and also its price creates a desire in the minds of students. Of course, HTC has not gained that much name like Samsung and Micromax in the smartphone niche, but HTC is still a good brand to consider.

HTC Desire 620G

The phone has an octa-core processor and the iconic design attract students right at the first view. The 5-inch super-LCD screen makes note making easier for students. Also, the 8GB Internal storage, which is expandable up to 32 GB, is something good for college students to save a lot of stuff on the phone.

4. Nokia Lumia 928:

This is a fast-moving model smartphone from Nokia. It is particularly popular among students because of its multitasking ability. As it is a Windows phone, it can meet the requirements of students in editing and saving their Microsoft files.

Nokia Lumia 928

This phone will give students information very quickly from the live tiles. This means that they can instantly get the information that they look for. This is something important for students to save their precious time. Text messages, news updates, social media chats or any crucial information will show up on the tiles as soon as they reach the appropriate accounts accessed through the phone.

5. Google Nexus 5:

The 4.95-inch screen with an incredible display makes this phone the best choice for students. College students, who frequently look for YouTube and NetFlix updates, will find this phone highly useful.

Google Nexus 5

To ensure great pictures, the 8-megapixel camera comes with a lot of editing options. So, students can continue to post their great-looking pictures on social media.

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Of course, there might be phones with even advanced features. But, considering the requirement of affordable phones for students, the above-mentioned phones were chosen.